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T E R M S  O F  S E R V I C E


I welcome most commissions and R18 requests can be discussed.

►► I reserve the right to cancel any commission at any time. Prior payment will be refunded or partially refunded depending on amount of work completed.

►► Unless otherwise stated, commissions will generally be finished within 4-8 weeks.

►► All work is for personal use unless licensed.

►► Prices are in USD.

►► At least 50% down payment is required before work begins.

Multi-payment plans still require 50% down, but work will not begin until last payment is made.

►► Non-refundable unless I have made a mistake, such as long wait times without prior warning or misinterpretation of the request. After mockup confirmation by the commissioner, additional changes will be charged extra.

►► Rush delivery, privacy requests, and other special accommodations will require an additional fee.

►► Unless otherwise negotiated, I reserve the right to post the completed commission on my social media/portfolio after delivery, as well as livestream the process.

►► Unclear instructions on the part of the commissioner resulting in more than 3 revisions or 1 major revision will incur additional charges.

►► Artwork or commissions made for/distributed via blockchain/AI training related technology is prohibited.

►► Commission cancellation after agreed payment will result in refusal of future services. Basic price quote inquiries do not fall under this clause.


Step 1:
Check that the commission style is available and/or open.

Step 2:
Email/note/DM me the form for your commission.
I check Twitter and email most frequently, so those are recommended if you want a faster reply.

Step 3

After discussion and finalizing the list of deliverables, an invoice will be sent. For both our protection, please do not send by personal payment.

50% down payment is required at this time.

Step 4:
After confirmation, a "mock up" (sketch with colours) will be sent for clean designs and big illustration pieces. [Please note: Set A and Skeb type commissions do not have a mid-review process.]

You may make as many changes as you need in 3 notes/emails. (For all types)

For example, 10+ changes in one response will count as 1/3 emails/notes.

Once the mockup is confirmed, any further changes will incur an additional fee.

At this stage, full payment is required.

For both our protection, please do not send by personal payment.

If you decide against having your design finished, I reserve the right to sell it as an adoptable. The down payment will be kept.

If you decide against having an illustration finished, the down payment will be kept and the final amount will be nullified.

Step 5:
Expect the finished piece to be delivered in 4-8 weeks unless otherwise stated.

Transaction complete.   °˖✧◝(⁰▿⁰)◜✧

Terms and Conditions subject to change without notice.

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